DaMNet 2011

The IEEE ICDM 2011 Workshop on Data Mining in Networks
December 11, 2011, Vancouver, Canada

A Workshop of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2011)

The Workshop has received 33 papers submissions (including transfers from the main ICDM conference) and 10 papers have been selected for presentation at the Workshop and publication in the IEEE ICDMW Proceedings.


Sunday 11 Dec. 2011
Venue: Port of Hong Kong, Renaissance Hotel
08:4008:45Welcome and Opening Remarks: Dr. Giuseppe Di Fatta
08:4509:10"Poll: A Citation-Text-Based System for Identifying High-Impact Contributions of an Article", Lalith Polepeddi, Ankit Agrawal, and Alok Choudhary
09:1009:35"Stochastic Network Motif Detection in Social Media", Kai Liu, William K. Cheung, and Jiming Liu
09:3510:00"Collaborative Filtering for Coordinated Monitoring in Sensor Networks", Janne Toivola and Jaakko Hollmén
10:3010:55"Temporal Scale of Processes in Dynamic Networks", Rajmonda Caceres, Tanya Berger-Wolf, and Robert Grossman
10:5511:20"Imputation of Missing Links and Attributes in Longitudinal Social Surveys", Vladimir Ouzienko and Zoran Obradovic
11:2011:45"Prophet - a link-predictor to learn new rules on NELL", Ana Paula Appel and Estevam Rafael Hruschka Junior
11:4512:10"Scalable Link Prediction on Multidimensional Networks", Michele Berlingerio, Giulio Rossetti, and Fosca Giannotti
12:3014:00Lunch break
14:0016:00(no presentations)
16:3016:55"Automatically Spotting Information-rich Nodes in Graphs", Xiao He, Jing Feng, and Claudia Plant
16:5517:20"Working for influence: effect of network density and modularity on diffusion in networks", Habiba Habiba and Tanya Berger-Wolf
17:2017:45"Diffusion in Networks With Overlapping Community Structure", Fergal Reid and Neil Hurley
17:4517:50Closing Remarks: Dr. Giuseppe Di Fatta

Contact: G.DiFatta@reading.ac.uk