DaMNet 2012

The Second IEEE ICDM Workshop on Data Mining in Networks
December 10, 2012, Brussels, Belgium

A Workshop of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2012)


Monday 10 Dec. 2012
09:0009:10Welcome and Opening Remarks: Prof. A. Liotta
09:1009:35 "Motif Mining in Weighted Networks", Sarvenz Choobdar, Pedro Ribeiro and Fernando Silva
09:3510:00 "Comparison of the E.ciency of MapReduce and Bulk Synchronous Parallel Approaches to Large Network Processing", Tomasz Kajdanowicz
10:0010:30Coffee Break
10:3511:00 "Canonical Correlation Analysis for Detecting Changes in Network Structure", Aidan O'Sullivan, Niall Adams and Iead Rezek
11:0011:25 "Uncovering the Spatio-Temporal Structure of Social Networks using Cell Phone Records", Luis G. Moyano, Oscar Ricardo Moll Thomae and Enrique Frias-Martinez
11:2511:50 "Maximizing Information Spread Through Influence Structures in Social Networks", Saurav Pandit, Yang Yang and Nitesh Chawla
12:0014:30Lunch break
14:3515:00 "Sampling Online Social Networks Using Coupling From The Past", Kenton White, Guichong Li and Nathalie Japkowicz
15:0015:25 "EigenSP: A More Accurate Shortest Path Distance Estimation on Large-Scale Networks", Koji Maruhashi, Junichi Shigezumi, Nobuhiro Yugami and Christos Faloutsos
15:3016:00Coffee Break
16:0516:30 "Sensor Network Localization for Moving Sensors", Arvind Agarwal, Hal Daume, Je. M. Phillips and Suresh Venkatasubramanian
16:3016:55 "Effect of Data Repair on Mining Network Streams", Ji Meng Loh and Tamraparni Dasu
16:5517:00Closing Remarks: Prof. A. Liotta

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