DaMNet 2013

The Third IEEE ICDM Workshop on Data Mining in Networks
December 7th, 2013, Dallas, Texas

A Workshop of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2013)


Saturday, December 7th, 2013
Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Center Tower 37th Floor, room Majestic 3
08:3008:35Welcome and opening remarks: Assoc. Prof. Giuseppe Di Fatta
08:3509:35 Invited speaker: "Mining Propagation Data in Social Networks", Francesco Bonchi, Yahoo! Research
With the success of online social networks and microblogging platforms such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, the phenomenon of influence-driven propagations, has recently attracted the interest of computer scientists, information technologists, and marketing specialists. In this talk we take a data mining perspective and we discuss what (and how) can be learned from a social network and a database of traces of past propagations over the social network. Starting from one of the key problems in this area, i.e. the identification of influential users, by targeting whom certain desirable marketing outcomes can be achieved, we provide an overview of some recent progresses in this area and discuss some open problems.
09:3510:00 Paper #1: "Scalable Flow-Based Community Detection for Large-Scale Network Analysis", Seung-Hee Bae, Daniel Halperin, Jevin West, Martin Rosvall, and Bill Howe
10:0010:30Coffee Break
10:3511:00 Paper #2: "On Mining Biological Signals using Correlation Networks", Kathryn Dempsey, Ishwor Thapa, Claudia Cortes, Zach Eriksen, Dhundy Bastola, and Hesham Ali
11:0011:25 Paper #3: "On Identifying and Analyzing Significant Nodes in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks", Rohan Khazanchi, Kathryn Dempsey, Ishwor Thapa, and Hesham Ali
11:2511:50 Paper #4: "Evaluation and Comparison of Classification Techniques for Network Intrusion Detection", Sait Murat Giray and Aydin Goze Polat
12:0013:30Lunch break
13:3514:00 Paper #5: "Online Extreme Learning on Fixed-point Sensor Networks", Hedde Bosman, Antonio Liotta, Giovanni Iacca, and Heinrich Wortche
14:0014:25 Paper #6: "Continuous monitoring of a computer network using multivariate adaptive estimation", Dean Bodenham and Niall Adams
14:2514:50 Paper #7: "Non-Euclidean Internet Coordinates Embedding", Alexander Allan, Ross Humphrey, and Giuseppe Di Fatta
15:0015:30Coffee Break
15:3516:00 Paper #8: "Fast Algorithm for Approximate k-Nearest Neighbor Graph Construction", Dilin Wang, Lei Shi, and Jianwen Cao
16:0016:05Closing remarks: Assoc. Prof. Giuseppe Di Fatta

Contact: G.DiFatta@reading.ac.uk