DaMNet 2018

The Eighth IEEE ICDM Workshop on Data Mining in Networks
November 17, 2018, Singapore

A Workshop of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2018)

Schedule - Saturday, November 17, 2018

Convention Center Level 1, room Leo 4
Session 1
08:5009:00 Welcome and opening remarks
Giuseppe Di Fatta, Antonio Liotta (DaMnet Chairs)
09:0009:30 Presentation #1:
"MinerLSD: Efficient Local Pattern Mining On Attributed Graphs"
Martin Atzmueller, Henry Soldano, Guillaume Santini, Dominique Bouthinon
09:3010:00 Presentation #2:
"Within-network classification in temporal graphs"
Christopher Ryther, Jakob Simonsen
10:0010:20Coffee Break
Session 2
10:2010:50 Presentation #3:
"Drug Vector Minimization in Cancer Therapy based on Boolean Logic Model of Gene Regulatory Network"
Samya Muhuri, Ananya Sarkar, Sambhabi Chakraborty, and Susanta Chakraborty
10:5011:20 Presentation #4:
"EGRET: Extortion Graph Exploration Techniques in the Bitcoin Network"
SILIVANXAY PHETSOUVANH, Frederique Oggier, and Anwitaman Datta
11:2011:50 Presentation #5:
"Query of Marine Big Data Based on Graph Compression and Views"
Danfeng Zhao, Yeyi Zhang, Junchen Lin, Wei Song, Antonio Liotta, and Dongmei Huang
12:0013:20Lunch Break
Session 3
13:2013:50 Presentation #6:
"Parallel Contextual Bandits in Wireless Handover Optimization"
Igor Colin, Albert Thomas, Moez Draief
13:5014:20 Presentation #7:
"A Network-Based Approach to Enhance Electricity Load Forecasting"
Etienne Gael Tajeuna, Mohamed Bouguessa, and Shengrui Wang
14:2014:50 Presentation #8:
"Motif-level Robustness Analysis of Power Grids"
Armita Abedijaberi and Jennifer Leopold
14:5015:00 Closing remarks
Giuseppe Di Fatta, Antonio Liotta (DaMnet Chairs)
15:1015:30Coffee Break

Contact: G.DiFatta@reading.ac.uk