DaMNet 2019

The Ninth IEEE ICDM Workshop on Data Mining in Networks
November 8, 2019, Beijing

A Workshop of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2019)

Schedule - Friday, November 8, 2019 - Room 406
13:4013:45 Welcome and opening remarks
Giuseppe Di Fatta, Antonio Liotta (DaMnet Chairs)
13:4514:05 Presentation #1:
Lidan Wang, Xiao Yu, and Fangbo Tao, A community-enhanced retrieval model for text-rich heterogeneous information networks
14:1014:30 Presentation #2:
Chris Wrench, Frederic Stahl, Vidhyalakshmi Karthikeyan, Detlef Nauck, and Giuseppe Di Fatta, A Rule Induction Approach to Forecasting Critical Alarms in a Telecommunication Network
14:3514:55 Presentation #3:
Petr Chunaev, Ivan Nuzhdenko, and Klavdiya Bochenina, Community Detection in Attributed Social Networks: a Unified Weight-Based Model and Its Regimes
15:0015:20 Presentation #4:
Oluwabunmi Oloruntoba, Georgina Cosma, and Antonio Liotta, Clan-based Cultural Algorithm for Feature Selection
15:2015:40Coffee Break
15:4016:00 Presentation #5:
Wei Song, Shuyuan Dai, Dongmei Huang, Jian Wang, Antonio Liotta, and Giuseppe Di Fatta, Bi-gradient Verification for Grad-CAM towards Accurate Visual Explanation for Remote Sensing Images
16:0516:25 Presentation #6:
Bo Yuan, Ashiq Anjum, and Lu Liu, Exploring Network Embedding for Efficient Message Routing in Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks
16:3016:55 Presentation #7:
Mengyu Yan, Shulei Liu, Zhinong Zhong, Ning Jing, and Ye Wu, Method for Calculating Geographic Entity Relevance Based on Spatial and Semantic Association

Contact: G.DiFatta@reading.ac.uk